For those new into the scene, you may have repeatedly encountered the word jackpot in any casino space. The jackpot is most, if not everyone’s, goal when entering a game. It’s the ultimate prize money when hitting a winning combination indicated in the game. Depending on the machine, it can be a figure or number that shows up consecutively or a more specific variety.

Jackpots are large amounts of money players can win in any slot machine. Its value can differ almost daily, but it will always be around the millions.

Slot machines have two types of jackpots. This article will walk you through what they are and how you can increase your chances of hitting them.

Fixed Jackpot

A fixed jackpot is like saying “fixed amount.” In playing slots, hitting a combination will get you a specific amount of money as a prize. Usually, the jackpot is won by completing a straight line of the same number or figure. An almost one in a billion chance, but hitting that fixed jackpot will amass you a pretty hefty amount.

Progressive Jackpot

In contrast to fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots are ever-changing. Therefore, the amount you win will be based on how much you are willing to bet. Slot machines will differ in their maximum bet allowed, and if you are ready to shell out the given amount, you may be eligible for the jackpot prize should you get the combination required.

Getting the combination of the jackpot prize, even though your bet is at the minimum, won’t render you the large amount you’d see on the screen. Progressive jackpots will continue to build over time as you play, win, and increase your bets.

Now that you’ve understood the different types of jackpots, next is about winning them. Slot machines, however, will always be about luck. You have a 1 in over 200,000 chance of hitting the top prize. But don’t be disheartened—because there is no specific formula or pre-determined number of pulls to hit the jackpot during your entire game—There are, however, a few tips that you can pull that can up your chances.

  1. Explore the different slot games available. Some games will tell you when you’re about to land a chance for a prize, like a character suddenly popping up or a clear indication.
  2. Bet within your budget, and never go over the maximum bet. Keep it safe and smart, always.
  3. Don’t lose hope! The more you play in slots, the more you’ll likely be able to hit the jackpot. While some slots are entirely random, some slots will get you a win after a certain number of pulls.