First TV series about judges screened

Lựa Chọn Số Phận (Choosing the Fate), the first TV series about the work of judges in Việt Nam, is proving popular with viewers on VTV1.

Photos courtesy of VFC

Produced by Việt Nam Television Film Centre (VFC), the series depicts the life and work of people at court, according to director Đỗ Thanh Hải.

The film has the political and social task to help people understand more about the difficulties, dangers, morality, responsibility and passion in the career of judges, he said.

The TV series stars Hà Việt Dũng in the role of Cường, a young judge who’s determined to follow the career of his father. He’s always facing difficult decisions because they influence people’s lives.

Screenwriter Đặng Minh Châu said it’s the most difficult script in his 20-year career.

“We have films about police, laywers, journalists among others, but not about judges, though they are very important in society,” said Châu.

“It’s hard to depict the work in films because they just work at the court, with documents. There is no dramatic situations, no action scenes.”

Writer Châu, director Mai Hồng Phong and the film crew worked with the judges for many days to understand the work and find materials for the series.

The series airs from Mondays to Fridays.