Investment in High-Quality Movie Soundtracks Increases From Filmmakers

Filmmakers are paying more attention to the importance of soundtracks they use in their works and pouring more money into production of songs and instrumental music to improve quality.

Filmmakers investing more in quality soundtracks
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The soundtrack in the film Mắt Biếc (Blue Eyes), for example, has gained significant public attention, according to Sài Gòn Giải Phóng (Liberated Sài Gòn) newspaper.

While the song Có Chàng Trai Viết Lên Cây (Man Who Wrote on Tree) drew 23 million views after four weeks on YouTube, Tôi Chỉ Muốn Nói (I Only Want to Say) and Hà Lan saw 2.9 million views after one week and 3.8 million views after three days, respectively.

These figures, together with the many covers of these songs uploaded on YouTube, have demonstrated how quality songs and soundtracks are important aspects of any film.

Since Có Chàng Trai Viết Lên Cây is not a new song, its promotion has surprised movie experts.

When director of Mắt Biếc Victor Vũ first heard of Có Chàng Trai Viết Lên Cây, he was amazed at how its melody and lyrics reflected the plot of Mắt Biếc.

He then persuaded composer Phan Mạnh Quỳnh to write more songs for the movie. Quỳnh spent almost a year to introduce another three songs.

In recent years, there has been significant growth of quality music for films.

The film Chị Trợ Lý Của Anh (My Female Partner) was released last year and songs were performed by singer Mỹ Tâm. The three popular songs in the movie won support from viewers, which encouraged Mỹ Tâm to release 10,000 copies of her albums and offer them to moviegoers.

Despite inconsistent quality, a great soundtrack has been the common highlight of most Vietnamese movies in recent years.

Professional quality

The outstanding success of movie soundtracks has been due mostly to more investment in producing theme songs for the films.

Mắt Biếc and Chị Chị Em Em (Sister Sister) were two movies that used the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra to make soundtracks for them.

Symphony orchestras have been used in many Hollywood film projects but this concept is relatively new in Việt Nam due to the high cost.

According to director Victor Vũ, music performed by a symphony orchestra can contribute up to 50 per cent of the audience’s overall emotions. “It was a wise and necessary decision for Mắt Biếc to have a symphony orchestra,” he said.

Composer Chris Wong added that different levels of mesmerizing and romantic moments in Mắt Biếc needed direct recording from the symphony orchestra to enhance viewers’ emotions.

In Việt Nam, most soundtracks used in movies are made by regular partners of the production house.

Musician Đức Trí, Dương Khắc Linh, and Cao Trung Hiếu are some popular artists who are taking on the role of music directors of local film projects.

Musician Đức Trí said soundtracks have their own purposes, depending on the film. While some movies rely on music to make them more colorful, others use music to tell a narrative.

Quality soundtracks are no longer considered a minor element and have become one of the most important factors in bringing a movie to life.