UNIQLO Vietnam: Fashion Label Emphasizes Sustainable Values and Environmental Protection

The General Director of UNIQLO Vietnam, Osamu Ikezoe, has stated that the fashion label’s new designs from Japan always prioritize sustainable values and environmental protection. This commitment reflects their dedication to creating eco-friendly and socially responsible fashion.

The UNIQLO’s fashion show to introduce “LifeWear Fall/Winter 2022” fashion collection took place last weekend in Hanoi.

A fashion show highlighting our brand’s “LifeWear Fall/Winter 2022” Collection, themed “Today’s Classics,” took place at the Arts and Culture Center in Hanoi Old Quarter. This showcase showcased the latest fashion pieces meticulously crafted using recycled materials.

We leverage cutting-edge technology to develop sustainable products for a better future. Our Blue Cycle Jeans, for instance, require up to 99% less water during manufacturing compared to traditional processes. Furthermore, our Fluffy Yarn Fleece Jacket is crafted entirely from recycled PET material.

UNIQLO is committed to using 100% recycled materials in all components of their clothing, including fabric, zippers, and other small parts. This transition highlights their dedication to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.

To showcase this transformation, our brand is highlighting three key items: the timeless men’s full-zip fleece jacket, along with the cozy fluffy yarn fleece jackets for both men and women.

“That was the result of over twenty years of extensive research. In order to uphold our fleece’s reputation as a standard, we are currently implementing material upgrades while preserving its exceptional quality,” stated Ikezoe.

“It is comparable to renovating the foundational structure of a house while maintaining its existing living space. This concept mirrors the preservation efforts observed in converting the historic No 22 Hang Buom Street building into a cultural hub,” he expounded.

Last weekend, our brand organized a talk show at the Hanoi Old Quarter’s Arts and Culture Center alongside our fashion show. The talk show focused on sustainable, classic values and highlighted the rich culture of Hanoi.