Hollywood actress Caylee Cowan made one of her most memorable red-carpet wardrobe selections at the 76th Cannes Film Festival by donning a spectacular ensemble created by fashion designer Nguyen Minh Tuan.

Caylee Cowan graced the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in the exquisite Blue Butterfly evening gown for the official competition premiere of the film Club Zero.

She ordered the dress a month before the Cannes Film Festival. It took 1,100 hours of work with seven artisans in addition to the design, pattern, and sewing staff. The entire team gave it their all to meet the demands of a very special client.

A blue butterfly with glittering color transitions on its wings inspires the dress’s design. It is an intricate work of art built around a foundation of premium mesh fabric, with thousands of sparkling crystal stones creating an incredible splendor.

The clever body gaps created by the cutout area allow the actress to show off her slender waist.

Blue Butterfly dress designed by Nguyen Minh Tuan. Photo courtesy of the designer

Caylee Cowan has exacting standards for each of her event appearances. The actress is known for her vibrant style off the red carpet and everyday life. She consistently chooses styles that accentuate her alluring curves.

The American actress and the designer’s team frequently spoke while working on the elaborate costumes, according to Nguyen Minh Tuan.

“It makes me delighted when international celebrities choose my creations. We were very serious and committed because we knew she had high standards. Even though we were quite busy with many previously placed orders, we worked extra hours for several days to try to deliver Caylee Cowan’s order on time”, Tuan said.

Caylee Cowan picked Blue Butterfly, inspired by a namesake Canadian movie, from several designs sent to her. The outfit stood in for the ideal of freedom.

The hard work was rewarded when Caylee Cowan exclaimed: “Oh! It’s great!” upon receiving the outfit.

 Caylee Cowan in the design of Nguyen Minh Tuan. Photo courtesy of the designer

Because the Cannes Film Festival brings together the spirit of many different cultures from around the world, I used to follow it while I was a student. I imagine celebrities one day choosing my creations. And today, it makes me feel happy and passionate to witness my creation and a Hollywood celebrity shine at the official Cannes red carpet event,” exclaimed Tuan.

Tuan is dubbed the designer of beauty queens, as many beauties are crowned when wearing his costumes at beauty pageants around the world.

Tuan focuses on a new collection to be released in July 2023 within the framework of Miss World Vietnam 2023 and a solo fashion show in November.

Born in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, Caylee Cowan starred in the films Frank and Penelope (2022), Willy’s Wonderland (2021), Sunrise in Heaven (2019)…

In 2023, her film Divinity participated in the Sundance Film Festival. The actress is currently shooting The Instigators with Matt Damon in Boston.