An art event entitled “Only love remains” will broadcast live on VTV2 channel of Vietnam Television at 9pm on February 26 on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the Vietnamese Doctor’s Day (February 27).

The 90-minute event is expected to highlight outstanding achievements of Vietnamese doctors and instill a sense of pride and admiration among audiences.

The art performance is a once-in-a-year occasion for the Party, government and Vietnamese people to appreciate achievements and great efforts made by doctors, scientists and medical staffs who overcame many difficulties and hardships to fulfill their tasks, and encourage them to contribute more to the nations’ healthcare system.

The “Only love remains” art performance also honors the outstanding individuals who have great contributions to the Vietnamese medicine, including Doctor Nguyen Tai Thu, the renowned acupuncture master who passed away some days ago.

Late professor Nguyen Tai Thu – Photo: Kinh te & Do thi.

Thu’s life and work story featured in the program will bring to the audience an authentic perspective on medical ethics of the acupuncturist.

Late professor Thu is a leading Vietnamese acupuncturist who developed acupuncture into a scientific and academic technique applied locally and around the world. His contributions to Vietnamese acupuncture will never be forgotten and are being passed on by the next generations.

The professor is also renowned as “the doctor of the poor”. Thu spent most of his time studying acupuncture therapies and helping poor people. He mobilised financial resources to offer free treatment for poor children with disabilities or hereditary complications.

The program is even more meaningful as the country is combating the Covid-19 pandemic, in which many doctors and nurses are devoting their utmost efforts to cure the infected people and rescue the most critical patients. Thanks to their great contributions, Vietnam has achieved remarkable results in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

The “Only love remains” art performance will draw the attendance of some distinguished guests such as Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Van Thanh, Director of the Central Acupuncture Hospital; Doctor Tran Phuong Dong, Deputy Director of Central Acupuncture Hospital; Professor, Dr. Ta Thanh Van; writer Dieu An; and journalist Dinh Duc Hoang, among others.