An Architectural Display Unveiled in Hanoi’s Natural Environment

At the upcoming event, local and international architecture lovers will have the unique opportunity to be introduced to a new Vietnamese rural house architecture model that celebrates the country's identity and preserves traditional architecture.


The exhibition titled “Vietnam Architecture Developing Together with the Country” is being held until the end of April at the 120-year-old Dien Hong Flower Garden in the Hoan Kiem District of Hanoi. It showcases how architecture has developed in tandem with the country’s growth over the years. Visitors to the exhibition can discover the transformation of Vietnam’s architecture and explore the innovative designs that have become synonymous with this Southeast Asian nation.

The space of the architectural exhibition in Dien Hong Flower Garden, Hanoi. Photo: Kien Viet

For one week, the renowned flower garden was transformed into an awe-inspiring exhibition venue to commemorate Vietnam Architecture Day (April 27) and the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Vietnam Association of Architects. This remarkable display showcased the best of Vietnamese architecture, highlighting the innovative designs and creative structures that have been crafted over the years. Visitors were amazed to view the numerous structures, ranging from traditional pagodas to modern skyscrapers. The event was a great success, bringing together many architects, government officials, and citizens to celebrate the country’s rich architectural heritage. It was a truly remarkable opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Vietnam’s architecture and to gain insight into its history and evolution.

Organizers revealed that the upcoming exhibition is a tribute to the special industry that continuously contributes to developing the nation’s culture and society through its unwavering creativity.

The exhibition’s highlight is the main display area, featuring a stunning dome of red silk that replicates the undulating waters of Sword Lake. Furthermore, models, images, and documents related to the winning projects of the National Architecture Award 2022-2023 are arranged harmoniously in the verdant open space of Hanoi’s historic flower garden.

Fifty-seven award-winning works are divided into three distinct categories: residential architecture, public architecture, and planning, research, theory, and criticism of architectural works. The works have all been recognized for their excellence, and span various styles and forms of architecture.

The exhibition showcases innovative models of rural houses that not only reflect Vietnamese traditional identity but are also crafted to be in harmony with the natural landscape and constructed to meet the requirements of disaster prevention.

 The space of the Bat Trang Ceramic Museum, an award-winning project of the National Architecture Award 2022 – 2023. Photo courtesy of the museum 

In Hanoi, the 2022-2023 National Architecture Award is set to be a memorable one, with a host of winning projects that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Among the notable projects receiving recognition are the Bat Trang Ceramics Museum, the Institute of Mathematics, and Epic’s Home social housing project. These esteemed creations will no doubt be celebrated for their innovative designs and lasting impact on the city.

According to Hoang Thuc Hao, the Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Architects, the winning designs demonstrate the sensitivity of Vietnamese Architects to global architectural trends.

He stated that these works “clearly and harmoniously express new architectural models of green, sustainable ecological architecture and architecture that embodies national cultural identity”.

The exciting event will also feature dynamic booths showcasing the latest innovative technology products, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge construction materials.
This fascinating exhibition is one of the most popular destinations for architecture aficionados and tourists alike, drawing them to Hanoi on Reunification Day and May Day this year.