The Hanoi Golf & Cultural Exchange Week 2022 is scheduled to be held from October 17 to October 23 at the prestigious BRG King’s Island Golf Resort, also known as the Dong Mo Golf Course, situated in Hanoi.

The space of the BRG King’s Island Golf Resort in Son Tay Town, Hanoi. Photo: Vitravel 

This is the inaugural cultural and golf event jointly organized by the Economic and Urban Newspaper and the Vietnam Golf Tourism Association.

The event, as stated by the organizers, has the objective of stimulating tourism, promoting local socio-economic growth, and fostering community involvement in the sport of golf.

We have planned a range of additional activities alongside our golf competitions to make your experience even more enjoyable. These activities include the Golf Equipment Exhibition, where you can explore the latest and greatest golfing gear. We will also be hosting a Golf Fashion Show, showcasing the latest trends in golf fashion. In addition, there will be a seminar on the special consumption tax on golf courses, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights. Lastly, don’t miss our cultural exchange event, where you can connect with local and international golfers.

During the press conference announcing the event, Nguyen Minh Duc, the editor-in-chief of Kinh Te Do Thi newspaper, expressed his excitement about the newspaper’s concept of merging golf with tourism. He mentioned the overwhelming support the idea has received from the local government and businesses in the municipality.

The Hanoi Golf & Cultural Exchange Week 2022 aims to support the growth of tourism in the capital city following the Covid-19 pandemic and play a role in enhancing economic recovery in the region.

He is hopeful that the event will become an annual activity in Hanoi in the near future.

The press conference announcing Hanoi Golf & Cultural Exchange Week 2022 took place on October 5 in Hanoi. Photo: Dong Hung

The event is expected to draw over 400 local and international golfers, including participants from Thailand, Singapore, and diplomatic organizations in Hanoi. These golfers will unite to support the Newspaper’s social and humanitarian fund named “Tet of Love”. As part of this initiative, meaningful and valuable gifts will be provided to disadvantaged individuals during the Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year, typically occurring in February each year.

Hanoi boasts an impressive array of seven upscale golf courses, renowned for their quality and praised by golfers across the world. Some notable courses include Long Bien Golf Course, BRG Kings’ Island Golf Resort, Van Tri Golf Club, Legend Hill Golf Resort, and Hanoi Golf Club. Additionally, the city anticipates the opening of ten more golf courses by the year’s end.

The golfing community in Vietnam is on a steady rise, with projections indicating approximately 300,000 golfers by 2025. This promising growth sets the stage for the flourishing development of golf tourism in Vietnam in the near future.