Restaurants in Vung Tau and Con Dao Islands


Bamboo Restaurant is also seaside. It has a reputation for good seafood and is open for lunch and dinner.  

  • Location: Very near Ganh Hao Restaurant. 7 Tran Phu Street, Ward 5

Black Cat

This seaside restaurant offers European and Asian cuisine and can handle 110 covers. It has two special VIP rooms (‘French’ and ‘Moroccan’), with a bubbly waterpipe that comes with a choice of 15 tobacco blends and a broad range of wine and liquor.  

  • Location: 10 Tran Phu Street. Ward 1
  • Tel: +84 (64) 3512 652

Cay Bang

This is probably the most popular seafood restaurant in town and is open for lunch and dinner. Located right on the beach.  

  • Location: On Bai Dau Beach at 69 Tran Phu Street
  • Tel: +84 (64) 838522

Food Vendors

You don’t have to look too far if you are hungry on the beach; food will actually come to you. Most beaches in Vung Tau have food vendors selling Vietnamese/seafood type of dishes. Many locals are partial to the idea of a beach picnic with rented out beach chairs and large parasols. These vendors always have a good supply of cool drinks.  

  • Location: All beaches expect the Paradise Beach.

Ganh Hao

One of the most talked-about dishes here is grilled chopped oyster. Try also their seafood hotpot. It is a place where you actually dine right next to the sea.  

  • Location: 3 Tran Phu Street, Ward 5, Vung Tau

Good Morning Vietnam

This chain restaurant is a popular Italian cuisine with both locals and tourists. It has at least five other successful franchises in Vietnam. Open all day from breakfast to late, plus free home delivery. 

  • Location: Next to the central Tran Hung Dao Square, not far from the beachfront
  • Tel: +84 (64) 85 69 59

Hai San Song

This seafood restaurant has a very good reputation for good fare at reasonable prices. Its shoreline location makes it very popular. 

  • Opening Hours: From 09.00 – 22.00. Busy on the weekend.
  • Tel: +84 (64) 551 555

Hue Anh

Hue Anh Chinese Restaurant is popular among tourists and local alike. They offer dim sum, sweet & sour fish and good soups.  

  • Address: 15A, Truong Cong Dinh, near Tran Hung Dao Statue

Ned Kelly Pub

Another interesting place ran by a Vietnamese lady and her Australian husband. They serve Western/Vietnamese food and the pub has a pool table.  

  • Opening Hours: From 07:00 till late
  • Address: 128 Ha Long Street
  • Tel: +84 (64) 510 173

Sao Bien

Sao Bien Restaurant offers fresh seafood with Vietnamese dishes. 

  • Address: 08 Thuy Van Thang Tam
  • Tel: +84 (64) 522187


Tommy’s is run by a Vietnamese and Australian couple and is a favourite hanging out place for expats. Here, you can get Western food at reasonable prices. Tommy’s is the main base for the Ulysses Motorcycle Club of Vietnam. They also have an extensive English library and the bar is a perfect place to get travel and culture tips and info about Vung Tau and Vietnam. Open from 09.00 till late.  

  • Location: on 94 Halong Street, Vung Tau
  • Tel: +84 (64) 853 554

Vung Tau Beach Club

This is the main beachside bar in Vung Tau and the gathering spot for visiting windsurfers. The place offers food, music and free Wi-Fi as well as hosting beach parties on Fridays and Saturdays. They also rent out professional equipment and give surfing lessons with certified instructors.  

  • Location: At the Back Beach, opposite Sammy Hotel, Vung Tau
  • Tel: +84 (64) 526 101


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