At the Alabino training ground on the outskirts of Moscow, which is now hosting the Field Kitchen contest, visitors had the opportunity to savour traditional dishes from each of the participating countries.

Field Kitchen is among the 11 categories of the competition that Vietnamese teams are taking part in.

Since Vietnamese armed forces’ chefs first attended the Field Kitchen contest, the Vietnamese pavilion has attracted crowds and won much appreciation from the visitors.

The visitors can not only witness the Vietnamese military chefs show off their cooking skills, but they can also taste signature flavours of Vietnam.

Particularly the Vietnamese Field Kitchen team received huge welcome from Overseas Vietnamese in Russia and visitors for the dishes they presented during the opening day of the Games on August 23.

Colonel Pham Van Khao, head of the Vietnamese Field Kitchen team said that in its first debut at the competition in 2018, the team prepared 100 spring rolls and bowls of Hanoi’s ‘pho’, which was enough to serve visitors as the Vietnamese dishes received much praise and interest.

Learning from the experience, in the 2019 edition, the team treated visitors to a delicious feast with more than 350 spring rolls, hundreds of portions of ‘Bun cha Ha Noi’ (Hanoi’s rice noodle served with grilled pork), bo sot vang (Vietnamese beef stew in red wine sauce), egg coffee, Thai Nguyen Province’s tea products, and Hai Duong Province’s green bean cake.

The highlight of the team’s menu at this year’s event are ‘Cha gio’ (Vietnamese sausage), and ‘banh nep’ (sticky rice dumpling which is a popular traditional cake made by locals in Vietnam’s northern region). Hearteningly, the two tasty dishes were selected by the organising board to be served to a high delegation of the Russia’s Ministry of Defence.

“We are glad and proud of the warm sentiment and appreciation of the visitors toward our team, which motivated us to prepare more savoury dishes for the closing day of the Games,” said colonel Pham Van Khao.

The Vietnamese pavilion has attracted crowds and won much appreciation from the visitors (Photo credit: Van Pham)


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