Nightly 3D Mapping Tour Test at Hanoi Temple of Literature

    The Temple of Literature night tour will be the fourth in Hanoi, following the Hoa Lo Prison Relics, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, and Vietnam Literature Museum tours.

    Unlocking the power of medical tourism: Optimizing manpower

    The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is currently developing the national standards for "Tourism and Related Services - Health Spa - Service Requirements". These standards are expected to be released by the end of 2023.

    Video from ASEAN-Korea Center Spotlights Tourist Attractions in Hanoi

    A stunning audiovisual experience captures the thousand-years-old architecture and the diverse lifestyle of Hanoi, Vietnam's capital city, and Ninh Binh - dubbed the "Ha Long Bay on land".

    Hanoi Achieves Record-Breaking International Tourism in 2023

    For the first nine months of 2020, 18.9 million tourists visited Hanoi, making it one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam.

    Hanoi Paving the Way for Sustainable Growth of its Tourism Industry Through Innovation and Investment

    Stakeholders in Hanoi have called for increased implementation of new tourism products and marketing strategies in the city.

    Hanoi and Lai Chau to Collaborate on Tourism Development

    By the end of 2023, Hanoi will have implemented numerous cooperative tourism programs with provinces and cities located in the South, Central Highlands, and Central regions in a bid to boost the number of visitors to the city.

    Tourism in Singapore Seeks Boost from Vietnamese Customers

    Vietnam Airlines and Singapore Tourism Board have come together in a major partnership to promote tourism between the two nations.

    Eurocham Calls for Vietnam to Expand Visa Waiver Program to All EU Member States

    The government of Vietnam is seeking to take advantage of its tourism potential by introducing an open visa policy.

    Tickets for Hanoi Imperial Citadel Now Available Online

    The conservation center is continuing to research ways to improve the experience of visitors to the cultural heritage site, which has been around for a thousand years.

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