Nomadic beauty of a sheep farm in Ninh Thuan

    Addition to enjoying beautiful beaches, visiting Cham Temples, visitors now have another interesting check-in point with a nomadic beauty.

    7 must-try cuisines in Vietnam’s coastal cities

    No matter where you set foot on the S-shaped land, you can easily satisfy your taste buds with famous dishes of each region and locality. Here are the famous flavors you must try in coastal cities in Vietnam.

    Get away from daily hustle with Pha Din flower pass

    With over 50ha in size covered in colorful flowers, the Pha Din pass in northern Vietnam is one of the most dreamy and heaven-like check-in destinations for visitors.

    Central coastal Tam Thanh village inveigles passer-by with its colorful street art

    Tam Thanh is a lively art exhibition and a must-stop destination on any tourist map for Danang and Hoi An. In this small quiet coastal village, visitors will have a chance to enjoy eye-catching pieces of art created by brilliant artists aside from enjoying the salty wind from the sea.

    Singapore: Changi Airport boosts safety by implementing new contactless safety measures

    Facial and iris recognition, instead of fingerprint scanning, will be the primary biometric identifier for travellers at Changi Airport's immigration clearance.

    Half of Oklahoma is native American land: Supreme Court

    The US Supreme Court on July 10 recognized about half of Oklahoma as Native American reservation land and overturned a tribe member’s rape conviction because the location where the crime was committed should have been considered outside the reach of state criminal law.

    Dau Tieng Lake – the largest reservoir in Southeast Asia gorgeous on summer days

    Situated on the way to Tay Ninh, Cao Dai Great Temple, and Ba Den Mountain, Dau Tieng Lake with the magnificent mountainous landscape, mysterious islets, and fresh air give visitors unforgettable experiences.

    Sunset hunting from the old seaplane station in Hanoi’s West Lake

    On sunny days in Hanoi, many amateur and professional photographers often go to the West Lake area to catch and save beautiful moments.

    Travel solo to Ly Son Island: What to explore, Food guide, Favorable time to go

    Considered the "fairy island" in the middle of the ocean, Ly Son island will undoubtedly be a destination that makes visitors excited. Recently, Ly Son has become a favorite destination for those who love rustic tourism and love to explore by themselves. If you join a group or go solo, read carefully the following information, which will provide some details to help you explore some notable hotspots in Ly Son.

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