The hidden charm of Tam Hai island

    In spite of the scorching sun in every corner of the central region in summer, Tam Hai, a remote island in Quang Nam province, is completely separated from such heat. The air on the island is very cool like there is a giant fan blowing the wind in from the ocean. Tam Hai is peacefully beautiful with a clear blue sea, mossy cliffs, green coconut trees and small villages typical of a coastal countryside.

    The oldest house in Hanoi’s ancient village

    Located in Son Tay, Duong Lam ancient village is worth seeing near the capital of Hanoi. Duong Lam is home to many houses dating back hundreds of years. The most popular one is the home of Nguyen Van Hung and La Thi Thao.

    The Flowery Moc Chau Plateau

    Moc Chau plateau is located in the two districts of Van Ho and Moc Chau in Son La province. Various kinds of flowers are abundant all year round and it is considered the “Da Lat of the northwest”. Vast valleys of white plum flowers, forests of flame peach blossoms, and fields of mustard flowers stretching to far-away hill sides, all attract a great number of visitors to the fresh and green plateau.

    Homeland as seen from above

    Trung Pham or Pham Huy Trung is one of few Vietnamese photographers who have had their photos posted on National Geographic’s Your Shot Daily Dozen. Trung Pham has impressed the Your Shot community with his photos taken from above.

    Bai Rang beach – harmony between the forest and sea

    Located on Son Tra peninsula not far from the center of Da Nang, Bai Rang beach is a peaceful and charming oasis and a romantic destination.

    Water Wheels in Na Khuong

    Visitors going to Na Khuong Hamlet (Ban Bo commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province) to admire the beauty of the Nam Mu river flowing through the middle of a pristine mountainous area are also attracted by the sights and cascading sounds of 25 huge water wheels on the river bank, which continuously spin to send water to the rice paddies.

    Stone pillar, an exotic sculpture of Dam Pagoda

    The one-thousand-year-old stone pillar at Dam Pagoda, one of the most delicate and epic sculptures in the history of Vietnamese fine arts, is a major attraction for visitors to Bac Ninh province.

    Market in the mist

    Every Saturday when a dense mist covers the forest, people from different ethnic minority groups gather in Y Ty market in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province to sell their products.

    Hanoi Cathedral

    Built in the 1780s, Hanoi Cathedral is considered a witness to great changes of the capital of Vietnam for three centuries. Today, it is not only the centre for catholic activities, but also a popular tourist site in the land of a thousand-year-old culture.

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