Moc Chau: Unique and must-see “check-in” spots attract tourists

    Moc Chau has an irresistible charm to many tourists who ever set foot to this place, with its enormous green tea hills, flower seasons and unique, colourful culture.

    Vietnam – favorite post-pandemic tourist destination for Japanese women

    According to the ASEAN-Japan Centre (AJC), female Japanese travelers choose Vietnam as their favorite post-pandemic destination mainly because of its delicious local cuisine.

    Pu Luong: A perfect place for leisure tourism

    NDO – The road leading to the core of the Pu Luong Nature Reserve in Thanh Hoa Province is surrounded by imposing mountains, terraced fields, waterfalls and springs. In summer, wild flowers bloom on the sides of the road and new cultivation of rice starts on the terraced fields, creating an idyllic picture that can enthral every tourist to the site.

    Top ten most stunning national parks in Vietnam

    The Culture Trip, a London-based website providing travel rating and tourism recommendation, has recently published an article featuring ten best national parks in Vietnam.

    Odd specialty in Ca Mau that brings tears of joy to food fanatics

    Silky, chewy, thick noodles that look like silkworms, eaten with a flavorful curry sauce and meatball or chicken, has become one of Ca Mau’s most famous dishes

    Hoi An among world’s cheapest travel destinations

    Hoi An town in Central Vietnam finishes eighth on this year’s annual list of 10 cheapest tourist destinations in the world.

    Raw red jellyfish: An elaborate Vietnamese salad

    The appearance of raw jellyfish and shrimp paste may cause diners to hesitate to try at first, but its delicate combination of the aromas and flavours of the paste, copra, grilled tofu, cumquat and herbs will definitely make them go back for more.

    Ha Giang – The charming attraction in the Northern Highland of Vietnam

    Ha Giang not only impresses tourists by its pristine beauty, but also is a place with historical sites, cultural events and rich cuisine.

    EURO 2020: Vietnamese fans warned about use of FAN ID to travel to Russia

    Many Vietnamese citizens using Fan IDs have been denied entry to Russia and deported as they were using the document for wrong purposes.

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