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Monday, May 23, 2022
Located in Long Binh ward, Thu Duc city of Ho Chi Minh City, Bửu Long pagoda shares common architecture with other pagodas of Thailand, making it special among pagodas in Vietnam.
The Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday is fast approaching, and a mountain of gifts is piling up for delivery to soldiers on the Truong Sa archipelago - an inseparable part of Vietnam. These gifts are considered encouragement to the soldiers to overcome the difficulties and fulfil their mission, contributing to firmly protecting national sovereignty over seas and islands.
Vietnam Airlines Group, comprising Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines and VASCO, will put up for sale nearly 2 million tickets on domestic flights during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.
Throughout the “Doi moi” (Renewal) process, the belief and religious life in Vietnam has changed towards greater freedom and progress, which has been recognised by the international community.
Vietnam recorded around 11,500 traffic accidents nationwide in 2021, causing nearly 5,800 deaths and more than 8,000 people injured.
Electronics giant Samsung has approved the spending of some 850 million USD for its unit in Vietnam to manufacture flip-chip ball grid arrays (FC-BGA), according to KBS News.
Vietnam’s economy should get back to GDP growth of 6.8 per cent next year, which will be driven by a return of strong foreign direct investment into the market, mainly focusing on the manufacturing sector, according to HSBC Vietnam.
There is a pagoda where the two values of village culture and Buddhism are intertwined. A place that boasts the beauty of both landscapes and spiritual culture. A place with the traditional architecture of pagodas in the Red River Delta. It is Tieu Dao Pagoda in Giang Cao village, Bat Trang commune, in Hanoi’s Gia Lam district.
Vietnam’s coffee industry received some good news recently, with its Robusta coffee securing world records and global recognition. An announcement was made on December 22 in Ho Chi Minh City by TNI King Coffee Co., Ltd., the World Records Union (WorldKings), and the Vietnam Book of Record (VietKings).
Vietnam is looking to increase the average housing floor area per person to 27 square meters by 2025, in which the floor area per person will be 28 sq.m in urban areas, and 26 sq.m in rural areas.



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