Ego: Creating an urban space with the soul of the nation

    The exhibition Ego helps diversify more types of creativity at Hanoi Museum, attracting a large number of visitors including foreigners.

    UNESCO-supported contest seeks ideas to renovate old factory in Hanoi

    Hanoi expects to renovate old factory space in the most practical and attractive way.

    Singer Vu Thang Loi to release vinyl record about Hanoi

    The Friendship Palace of Culture will host a live concert on December 3 in which artist Vu Thang Loi will release his vinyl album Ha Noi Rieng Toi (My Hanoi).

    Series of exhibitions to honor Hanoi contemporary artists

    Unique contemporary artworks by 40 prominent artists are on display, telling interesting historical stories with Vietnamese themes.

    Director Dang Nhat Minh honored with film on Hanoi lives

    Hoa Nhai (Jasmine) movie shows the lives of the people that leave their hometowns to work in Hanoi to seek a better future.

    Digital products on display during the Vietnam Days Abroad 2022

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced two new digital products will be on show during the Vietnam Days Abroad 2022, which will be organized to celebrate Vietnam's diplomatic relations with other countries.

    Illustrations in Czech’s children books on display in Hanoi

    People who love Czech literature can admire children’s book illustrations from the Central European country from now until September 18 at Hanoi’s Kim Dong Publishing House.

    Thang Long Royal Citadel-inspired ao dai collection introduced in Brunei

    A unique ao dai collection inspired by Thang Long Royal Citadel has been introduced in Brunei to promote Vietnamese culture.

    Artist spends his whole life to paint Uncle Ho

    Painter Tran Xuan Phuc grew up with stories about Uncle Ho and his father's love for him.

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