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Friday, October 22, 2021
On September 21, the first day when Hanoi eased its social distancing measures, streets in the capital city are bustling again.
Ao dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress) has long been a traditional costume and a typical cultural feature of Vietnam. Through ups and downs with constant changes, ao dai still honour the gracefulness and elegance of the Vietnamese women.
Under the leadership of the Vietnam Women’s Union in the past 91 years (October 20, 1930-2021), the Vietnamese women have affirmed their roles in the nation’s industrialisation and modernisation cause, as well as international integration.
The Fall is considered to be the most beautiful season in Hanoi when the city wears a new coat. The capital city’s scenery becomes more impressive, sparkling at night, especially after heavy rains.
Hanoi is applying social distancing to curb the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, the streets are nearly empty, creating an unfamiliar sight.
The Hanoi-based female artist has been creating outstanding paintings themed Hanoi from thousands of fabric pieces for almost four decades.
Former Miss Universe H’Hen Nie has become the first mentor of the first season of The Next Face Vietnam 2021.
The capital city of Hanoi was liberated from the French colonial rule on October 10, 1954. Over the past 67 years, the Party organisation, authority and people of Hanoi have so far been proactive, creative to build an increasingly prosperous, civilised and modern capital city.
Quang Phu Cau village in Ung Hoa district, 35 kilometres from downtown of Hanoi, is famous for its century-old craft of making incense. Everywhere in Cau Bau, Phu Luong Thuong, and Dao Tu hamlets in the village, the streets have blazed pink and red of incense sticks.
Along with famous tourist sites, visitors to the capital Hanoi are always impressed by its different flower seasons. While the lotus is an iconic feature of the city in the summer, hoa sua (white milk flowers) is an autumn highlight.



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