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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Having worked as a doctor in Hungary for the last 11 years, Le Ngoc Hoa Nha sought even more chances of serving her compatriots during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Many families who call Cho Lon neighborhood “home” are putting their foot down and refusing to move out of apartments that have been attached to their families for decades, despite the government’s relocation plan meant to send them to modern condo buildings.
Hai My, who has been adopted by numerous Vietnamese families, spent decades looking for his blood parents. Unfortunately, his search came to an end after his second stroke. Now, his life is surrounded by the love and care of people on an island of divers in the south of Vietnam.
Nguyen Van Luong and his wife, who both stand less than 1.1 meters tall, have conquered ‘pinnacles’ together by overcoming adversity and undergoing training for their performances in track and field athletics at a rooftop attic in Ho Chi Minh City.
A ‘squad’ of certified divers live in a small neighborhood in Long An Province. They have been salvaging boats and recovering corpses for a living for many years.
Nguyen Thuy Vu and his team are not afraid of failing and are willing to give it a go in their race to cushion coral reefs on Phu Quoc Island, a retreat off Kien Giang Province, from human impact and climate change and even transplant them for tourism purposes.
As their photos and video clips go viral on social media and are embraced by local and international animal lovers alike, a rising number of pets kept by people in Ho Chi Minh City and the neighboring province of Dong Nai have been catapulted into fame and are even generating income for their owners.
A PhD degree holder in fish farming techniques has spent years working on artificial breeding of marine fish before supporting local farmers in techniques and regular guidance. His work is recognized by colleagues and has inspired generations of students.
Realizing the white-collar life is not meant for her, a young woman in Vietnam stepped down from her well-paid position to foster a wave of sustainable agriculture practices in her hometown.



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