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Sunday, July 3, 2022
Traveling duo Dang Duc Tuan and Vo Minh Tan planted more than 500 trees during their 110-day journey through all 63 cities and provinces in Vietnam, hoping their seedlings will help a new culture of environmental awareness take root across the country.
Huynh Duc Linh, a Vietnamese physical education teacher, is pursuing his dream of teaching swimming to one million kids in Vietnam, spending the last six years teaching over 10,000 students.
Thinking back to 2018, Ly May Hanh said that every time a passenger coach passed by, around 20-30
After nearly 300 years, two whale skeletons in Quang Ngai Province, central Vietnam have been restored and put on display for public view.
It is not uncommon for Vietnamese Americans to return to Vietnam to start a business in their twenties or thirties. For many, this return to the motherland is more than just a chance at a new career, it is a chance to find the true meaning in life.
Were it not for the social distancing that came with the dreaded plague, I’d still be in my official Coffee Headquarters (HQ) every...
Dr. Do Van Khanh, aged 33, is among the top 30 young scientists in the U.S. Now she has published more impressive studies regarding the development of early diagnostic tools for Alzheimer's and other common diseases in Vietnam.



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