Memories of street calls

    Large eye-catching panels, funny commercial son TV, colorful flyers and brochures are types of modern advertising you see every day. But people still reserve a special place in their hearts for one of the earliest forms of advertising: the distinctive call of the street vendor.

    New Rice Festival of the Tay

    The celebration of new rice crop is one of the most important agricultural festivals in Vietnam. The Tay in the northwestern mountain region celebrate the New Rice Festival on the 9th or 10th lunar month to thank genies for blessing them with a bumper crop.

    “Mushroom house” of the Black Ha Nhi in Lao Cai

    The earthen houses with mossy roofs of the Black Ha Nhi in Y Ty district, Lao Cai province, look like mushrooms in the clouds. When sunshine banishes the clouds, the earthen houses appear on the mountainside as in a fairy land. VOV introduces the uniqueness of the Black Ha Nhi’s architecture.

    Wedding customs of the Cao Lan people in Bac Giang province

    Marriage is an important event in a person’s life. It marks a turning point toward maturity and love. A wedding ceremony of the Cao Lan ethnic people in Bac Giang province is simple but involves prescribed procedures.

    Aza, new rice celebration of the Pako

    In the last month of the lunar year, ethnic people in A Luoi mountain district of Thua Thien Hue province celebrate Aza, the New Rice Festival. It’s one of the most sacred religious events of the Pako and Ta Oi groups.

    Ethnic Thai try community-based tourism

    The ethnic Thai in Nghe An belong to an old branch of the original Thai people settled in the mountains of northern Vietnam. With the help of Japanese advice, some villagers are now turning to home-stay tourism to earn extra income and preserve their ancient culture.

    Spring Festivals in mountain regions

    Spring is the season of festivals across Vietnam. For ethnic groups in mountain regions, spring festivals are opportunities to relax and pray for a good new year.

    Thai Binh’s special cuisine

    Thai Binh province is situated in the Red River Delta empties into the sea. Blessed with favorable natural conditions, Thai Binh province also offers unique festivals and food.

    Thai stilt house culture

    The Thai, one of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups, settle mainly in valleys near waterways which are suitable for growing wet rice and flax. The Thai live in stilt houses in which their culture and lifestyle have developed and are preserved.

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