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Monday, July 6, 2020
Facing the West, a tube house in Hanoi dons a wooden face to mitigate solar radiation, promoting internal tranquility and privacy.
A house in southern Dong Nai Province has walls built of bricks with holes, or structural bricks, to enable ventilation.
Five overseas Vietnamese beauty gurus attract millions of YouTube and Instagram fans with a host of makeup tutorials and tips.
A family home in central Hue Town features ramps instead of stairs to afford inhabitants ease of access.
A new capital hotel has covered its facade, as well as other amenities, in real gold to reel in glitzy lodgers.
Natural ventilation and organic frame sees coastal Da Nang City home blend with its natural surroundings.
With pigment absent from her eyes, hair and skin, Thuy Quynh has overcome misguided stigma to embrace her unique appearance.
Different shades of purple are dominating the summer palette in Vietnam.
Designer Cong Tri’s latest collection was showcased in Vogue featuring two of his leading Vietnamese model friends.
With thatched roof and a 'rice straw stack', a Hanoi house reflects a modern, northern Vietnamese aesthetic.



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