Vietnamese flavour on Zanzibar Island

    NDO – The lovely wooden tables on the sand with a wooden sign saying: “Special Pho will be included on the menu this week” or “Only this week, we have a new dish for you: Beef noodle soup” invited diners to “Duyen – Vietnamese Homecooking”, the restaurant of Nguyen Thi Kim Anh in Zanzibar.

    Grape fruit flower tea – a specialty of Hanoi

    NDO/VNA - Vietnam’s traditional tea art is neither sophisticated like the Japanese tea art nor complicated like the Chinese one. There are many types of tea in Vietnam, grape fruit flower tea is no doubt one of the most renowned, and a truly specialty of Hanoi.

    Pink cake: A sweet treat from Vietnam’s coconut capital

    NDO/VNS- The central province of Binh Dinh is famed for its spectacular landscapes and unique delicacies that can't be found elsewhere. ‘Banh hong’ (pink cake) is one such dish and the dessert is made from the local sticky rice genre named ‘ngu’, which is fragrant and soft.

    ‘Bun ngan’ – A favourite dish all year round

    NDO/VNA - In Hanoi, 'bun ngan' (noodles soup with mule duck) is a favourite dish all year round.

    Fried spring rolls with clam worms: A delicacy that warms people in early winter

    NDO/VNS - Fried spring rolls with clam worms are a delicacy made from ‘ruoi’, a worm that lives in the silt of coastal fields.

    ‘Au tau’ – a special porridge favoured by H’mong people in Ha Giang

    The main ingredient of a special porridge favoured by the Hmong people in Ha Giang is the root of the monkshood aconite plant, known as 'au tau', which typically grows on Ha Giang’s highest mountain peak, Tay Con Linh.

    Stewed clam worms with star fruits: A delicacy of the North

    NDO/VNS - In late autumn and early winter, northern farmers harvest a worm that lives in the silt of coastal fields. The worm is known as ‘ruoi’, a precious gift from heaven.

    Programme introduces Italian cuisine in Vietnam

    NDO - The event named "A Taste of Italy Everyday", introducing some specialties of Italian cuisine, will take place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, from December 9 to 19, according to the Italian Embassy in Hanoi.

    Molasses glutinous rice cake helps to put Thai Binh on the map

    NDO/VNS - Molasses glutinous rice cake (locally known as ‘banh mat’) is among the many special dishes of Bach Thuan Village that help put Thai Binh Province on the map as a traditional cuisine centre.

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