Vietnam-South Korea Food and Culture Festival to Take Place in Hanoi

    The cultures of Vietnam and South Korea are set to intertwine at the upcoming Vietnam-South Korea Festival, highlighting and celebrating the distinct and diverse art, culinary, and cultural offerings of both nations. Through showcasing the countries' unique destinations, the festival promises to promote an enhanced understanding and appreciation of both Vietnam and South Korea.

    2023 Hanoi Fall Festival: Highlighting Unique Cultural and Touristic Values

    Set to be a spectacular event, the upcoming festival in the capital will boast 150 stalls and a selection of special activities, aiming to boost cultural and tourism in the city.

    Commemorating 1,000 Years of Hanoi’s Pledge Ritual

    The Dong Co Temple, a historic site renowned for its patriotic roots and unique architectural features, offers visitors a plethora of cultural and historical values.

    Celebration of the Doan Ngo Festival at the Thang Long Citadel Historical Site

    Celebrating the Doan Ngo festival is an authentic experience traditionally steeped in agricultural and climatic roots.

    2023 Danang Fireworks Festival Opens

    On the opening night of summer vacation in the coastal city of Danang, the spectacular "Symphony of Lights" was featured as a highlight.

    Hanoi Marks 595th Anniversary of the Coronation of King Le Thai To

    The festival is designed to commemorate the heroic achievements of King Le Thai To, a revered national figure whose legendary deeds are closely associated with the history of Sword Lake.

    Celebration of 995th Anniversary of the Pledge of Allegiance Festival Held at Dong Co Temple in Hanoi

    The Dong Co Temple, renowned for its deep connection to the nation's proud patriotic history, boasts a wealth of unique cultural and architectural significance.

    Monsoon Music Festival to Come Back with Innovative Idea

    This fall, there will be an exciting music festival to enjoy!

    Hanoi’s Unique Lang Pagoda Festival: Celebrating a Timeless Heritage

    The Lang Pagoda Festival is an annual celebration of the traditional Spring Festival of the people who live along the To Lich River.

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