Saturday, February 29, 2020
Two Vietnamese models are featured in Vogue magazine's highlights of Sydney Fashion Week street styles.
Nude colors, from beige, tan, cream and everything in between have been a mainstay among Vietnamese celebrities this year.
Lie Sang-bong will launch a special collection at the Vietnam International Spring – Summer Fashion Week 2019 in HCMC on April 11.
Renowned designer Park Youn Hee will present her latest collection today at the Fashion Voyage 2 show in Ha Long Bay.
Devon Nguyen has presented 40 new designs in her avant-garde collection, which takes moonlight as the main inspiration, from the colors to the details.
American singer and songwriter Katy Perry wears a Vietnamese ao dai in a music collaboration with record producer Zedd.
Crop tops, biker boots and minimalist dresses have regained popularity among the Vietnamese fashion community.
60 designs in designer Cong Tri's new collection, inspired by dew, were introduced at the New York Fashion Week.
Vietnamese women doing well at beauty pageants can significantly boost their modeling incomes to $5,000-$15,000 for a single show.
An increasing number of international celebrities choosing Cong Tri outfits for glamorous occasions have boosted the Vietnamese designer’s reputation.



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