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Monday, July 6, 2020
Coffee is — on the surface — a straightforward drink. Leave it to a curious, resourceful country like Vietnam to put its own spin on it — and then spin it again, and again. There are more layers to Vietnam’s coffee culture than you’ll find in a tall glass of icy bạc xỉu. But beneath the thousands of cafes that fuel the nation from north to south, there’s a shared love of this energy-restoring beverage that goes beyond taste, and into areas that touch colonial influences, ethnic culture, urban traditions, climate and topography, and Vietnam’s close societal bonds. 
Situated in the central province of Quang Nam, the ancient city of Hoi An leaves a great impression on visitors due to its fabulous culture, friendliness of local people, shopping options, and range of street food. Let’s spend a day in the city and sample some of the delicious street food on offer:
Wandering in small streets in the city, you can stray into a vintage cafe which is like a time machine taking you back to some period of the old days, to uncover a different Hanoi.
Bun oc (snail vermicelli soup) is an iconic dish of Hanoi which any visitor to the capital city should try. The clear, sweet and lightly sour broth mixed with the great greasy taste and crunchiness of the snails create a perfect harmony for the dish.
The delicious taste of Pho Bo, beef with noodle soup, is one of the most famous delicacies in Hanoi with many local people keen to taste it after emerging from a long period of social distancing, therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places around the capital for diners to enjoy.
Hanoi’s cuisine is known for its delicacy and elegance from the simplest dish. Cha ca (grilled fish), a simple but truly tasty dish, characterizes the essence of the capital city’s gastronomy.  
Vietnamese food has been listed among the 10 healthiest cuisines globally by UK travel website The Culture Trip.
Coronavirus-shaped burger and dragon fruit baguettes made by Vietnam were featured and praised in world media outlet.
The ability to order food online will help people limit the amount they go out during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, with Ho Chi Minh City being home to a number of fantastic restaurants that provide shipment services.
Fresh and full of texture, Vietnam’s spring rolls are known and loved worldwide. However, the country has a more passionate love affair with hand-rolled bites than you might expect. From the ultra-fresh to the deep fried, món cuốn dishes are culinary staples across the country. Get to know the many varieties and flavours of món cuốn a little better with this list of 10 beautiful bites to try in Vietnam. 



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