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Sunday, July 25, 2021
The ancient village of Duong Lam still has don ganh roasted pork, the traditional dish known for its association with national hero Ngo Quyen who defeated the Nan Han army, reclaiming national independence.
The restaurant sits next to a large banyan tree hence the name Goc Da (Banyan Stump). The restaurant has been opened for more than 30 years, serving one of the best pillow cakes in town. 
Visiting Moc Chau plateau and enjoying be chao (pan-seared veal), visitors will never forget the tasty dish.
Vietnam cuisine is famous for its delicious, fresh rolls and boiled-beef summer rolls is one of the best dishes.
After the debut of dragon fruit bread, crowds in Ho Chi Minh City lined up outside ABC Bakery locations hoping to buy some. Kao Sieu Luc, the founder of ABC Bakery decided to share his recipe to make bread from red dragon fruit with the aim of supporting famers to deal with troubles due to the Covid-19 epidemic. 
Known as a popular snack for Vietnamese people, Xoi che has become a favorite street food for many foreign visitors in Vietnam. 

Banh mi 25

Banh mi 25 is a favorite shop in Hanoi for foreign visitors who are fans of the Vietnamese sandwich.
Ca phe trung (egg coffee) is a special drink from Hanoi in which creamy soft and meringue-like egg white foam is perched on dense Vietnamese coffee. It has been recommended by CNN as one of five must-try dishes for foreigners visiting Hanoi. 

Banh khuc co Lan

Banh khuc co Lan was selected as one of dishes to be served at the media center of DPRK-USA Summit 2019 in Hanoi. 
With a great flavor and appealing look, xoi com (steamed green sticky rice) is a Hanoi dish everyone should try when autumn comes.



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