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Monday, May 23, 2022
The main ingredient of a special porridge favoured by the Hmong people in Ha Giang is the root of the monkshood aconite plant, known as 'au tau', which typically grows on Ha Giang’s highest mountain peak, Tay Con Linh.
NDO/VNS - In late autumn and early winter, northern farmers harvest a worm that lives in the silt of coastal fields. The worm is known as ‘ruoi’, a precious gift from heaven.
NDO - The event named "A Taste of Italy Everyday", introducing some specialties of Italian cuisine, will take place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, from December 9 to 19, according to the Italian Embassy in Hanoi.
NDO/VNS - Molasses glutinous rice cake (locally known as ‘banh mat’) is among the many special dishes of Bach Thuan Village that help put Thai Binh Province on the map as a traditional cuisine centre.
NDO/VNS - Vietnamese cuisine has many versions of sticky rice, like mung bean sticky rice with crispy fried shallots, chicken sticky rice, or corn sticky rice, that can be eaten all year round, but there is one that is enjoyed only in autumn – quail over sticky rice.
While baked honeycomb cake can be found anywhere in Vietnam, the version that uses palm sugar can only be retrieved in the province of An Giang, in which a lot of ice apple trees, the species that produces palm sugar, are planted.
NDO - The People's Committee of Lang Son province, the Business Association of Lang Son province and Trong Tin Co., Ltd. co-organised the Lang Son Tourism - Cuisine Festival 2021, which was held at Ky Lua Walking Street, on November 5 and 6.
NDO/VNA – For the first time, Vietnam has five culinary world records recognised by both the World Records Union (WorldKings) and the World Records Association (WRA), according to the Vietnam Records Organisation (VietKings).
NDO/VNA – Tofu made in Mo Village, presently known as Mai Dong village in Hanoi’s Hoang Mai District, has been well-known as the most delicious tofu in Hanoi, giving rise to the moniker, “Mo Village’s Tofu”.
NDO/VNS – Binh Dinh is not only well known nationwide for its seafood dishes, such as fried squid with garlic sauce but also the traditional handmade ‘bun day’ (vermicelli).



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