Vietnam Named by Travelers as One of World’s Top 10 Friendliest Destinations

Visitors to Vietnam are always welcomed with warm smiles from the friendly Vietnamese people.


The renowned Canadian travel magazine, The Travel, has recently recognized Vietnam as one of the top 10 friendliest destinations across the globe. This recognition is based on the votes cast by foreign tourists, highlighting Vietnam’s warm and welcoming nature.

According to The Travel, Vietnam is known for its warm hospitality, which is deeply rooted in the country’s culture of politeness and respect.

According to the magazine, foreign visitors to Vietnam are consistently greeted with a warm smile by the friendly locals, even in the face of a language barrier. The locals are eager to interact and engage with visitors to ensure they feel welcomed and comfortable during their stay.

In the enchanting autumn of Hanoi, amidst its picturesque beauty, the radiant smiles of Vietnamese women capture the essence of warmth and grace. Photo: Khanh Huy/The Hanoi Times


According to a survey conducted by InterNations, the largest global community and information site for individuals living and working abroad, the ranking is determined by the responses of 12,000 participants from 186 countries and territories.

According to a recent article by The Travel, Vietnam has been ranked seventh among the top 10 most affordable countries to work in. The country’s vibrant culinary scene, breathtaking landscapes, and welcoming locals make it an ideal destination for global travelers. With local dishes priced at just a few dollars per meal and a refreshing cup of iced coffee costing less than a dollar, Vietnam offers an affordable and memorable experience for those seeking to work and explore at the same time.

The General Statistics Office reports that Vietnam has seen a total of 5.57 million international visitors in the first half of the current year. Revenue generated from tourism has also shown significant growth, reaching an estimated amount of VND343 trillion (equivalent to US$14.6 billion), marking an increase of 29.4% from the previous year. This figure accounts for 52.7% of the targeted revenue for the year 2023.

Hanoi: safe and peaceful city

According to the InterNations survey, Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a contemporary and welcoming destination. It is known for its safety, making it an ideal choice for solo travelers.

Australian tourists are seen visiting Hanoi’s vibrant Old Quarter aboard a charming double-decker bus. The photo captures the dynamic atmosphere of this popular destination, showcasing the unique blend of traditional architecture and modern urban life. With its diverse array of shops, street food vendors, and cultural landmarks, Hanoi’s Old Quarter offers a memorable experience for tourists from around the world.

Hanoi is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance, making it a top destination for both local and international tourists. Additionally, the warm and welcoming nature of its locals adds to the overall allure of the city.

According to a report published by Hanoi Times, Hanoi has witnessed a remarkable increase in tourist arrivals during the first half of 2023. In comparison to the same period last year, there has been a significant surge of 42%. Notably, international arrivals have experienced an astonishing sevenfold rise, reaching an estimated number of 2 million visitors. For more information, please visit this article on Hanoi Times website.

According to a recent study conducted by Explore Worldwide, Hanoi is the top choice for solo travelers, as it ranks as the most popular destination, reaffirming InterNations’ findings.

The popularity of solo travel to Hanoi surged by an impressive 946% on search engines in the past year, and it’s not hard to understand the reasons behind this trend. This vibrant city is teeming with delightful attractions and historical landmarks, offering solo adventurers a multitude of exciting experiences to immerse themselves in. Whether it’s exploring bustling food markets or discovering the city’s rich historical heritage, there is no shortage of captivating activities to enjoy on a solo trip to Hanoi.

Hanoi has been ranked fourth among the top 12 safest destinations for female solo travelers by Tripzilla, Southeast Asia’s leading travel site. According to the study, Hanoi is praised as a beautiful city where women can feel free to pamper themselves and is considered one of the best places to travel alone in Southeast Asia.

According to the official website, Hanoi is widely regarded as a safe city with friendly locals, making it an ideal destination for tourists. The capital city is home to numerous cultural attractions that are worth exploring, including quaint alleys, historic houses, the iconic St. Joseph’s Cathedral, the prestigious Temple of Literature – Imperial Academy, and the enchanting Ngoc Son Temple located within the scenic Hoan Kiem Lake.

A serene enclave within the heart of downtown Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake offers a tranquil escape amidst the bustling city. This captivating photo, shot by Khanh Huy, showcases the serene beauty of this iconic landmark.

In February, Hanoi was recognized as one of the world’s top five travel destinations for solo travelers, according to a poll conducted by, an esteemed Dutch online travel agency, which garnered votes from 50,000 readers.

According to, solo travelers will quickly experience the vibrant city ambiance as they step onto its bustling streets, gaining an appreciation for its rich cultural diversity and blend of architectural styles. Moreover, they can indulge in the delightful and reasonably priced local cuisine.