Vietnam Captivates German Press as a Tourist Hotspot

Take a journey with Reisereporter and discover the stunning scenery and iconic sites of Vietnam! From the ancient old quarters of Hanoi to the picturesque countryside landscapes, explore the cultural and natural beauty of this Southeast Asian country.


In an article titled “Vietnam: Discover these Must-See Attractions,” travel website Reisereporter suggests exploring hidden gems and undiscovered natural wonders in Vietnam, alongside its well-known tourist attractions. Visit for more information.

 A Vietnamese girl in her charming ao dai (long dress) and non la (conical hat) walks through the Thang Long Imperial Citadel. Photo: Yeu Ha Noi

According to Daniel Schramm, a staff writer for the travel website, Vietnam offers a captivating and diverse range of attractions and experiences.

From historic cities like Hanoi and Hue to stunning natural landscapes like Halong Bay and Sapa, to culinary adventures in street kitchens and markets, Vietnam offers something for every taste.

Vietnam’s cultural and economic hubs

The captivating city of Hanoi is a perfect blend of rich historical heritage and contemporary dynamism. The Old Quarter of Hanoi, with its labyrinthine lanes and bustling marketplaces, serves as a vivid embodiment of the vibrant Vietnamese culture.

In this city, you can explore a variety of historic temples and pagodas, including the renowned One Pillar Pagoda, the elegant Turtle Pagoda, and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where Vietnam’s revered leader rests in peace.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter stands as a remarkable testament to Vietnam’s rich history. Its charming winding streets and historic structures speak to the legacy of Vietnam’s colonial era. Notably, the President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Hoa Lo Prison Relic Site hold great importance as Hanoi’s historical landmarks. Moreover, the Museum of Ethnology and the Vietnamese Women Museum are must-visit destinations for all tourists exploring Hanoi.

The Tran Quoc Pagoda on the shore of the legendary West Lake. Photo: Yeu Hanoi

Meanwhile, in the dynamic southern region, the city formerly known as Saigon, now referred to as Ho Chi Minh City, beckons visitors. This bustling metropolis boasts contemporary shopping destinations and awe-inspiring skyscrapers, while also preserving its rich historical heritage. Immerse yourself in the poignant past by exploring the War Remnants Museum, which provides a deep understanding of the American War. Alternatively, take a leisurely stroll through the culturally significant Cho Lon district, which immerses you in vibrant Chinese traditions.

The Bay of Wonders

Halong Bay is a remarkable destination renowned for its breathtaking beauty and enigmatic charm. Situated in the Gulf of Tonkin, this enchanting bay showcases more than 1,600 limestone islands emerging from the sparkling emerald waters. Embarking on a boat tour in this extraordinary landscape offers an opportunity to navigate through these mystical rock formations. Being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay truly captivates nature enthusiasts and photographers, serving as a paradise for them.

The sandy beach at Halong Bay. Photo: Pinoy Traveler

Daily life on the river

The Mekong Delta, located in southern Vietnam, offers a captivating river landscape with its intricate network of branches from the powerful Mekong River. This region is renowned for its vibrant floating markets, flourishing rice fields, and flourishing orchards. Embark on boat tours to truly immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, as you witness the agricultural activities and bask in the natural fertility of this remarkable area.

Experience the rich cultural heritage of this charming destination. With a total of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there is no shortage of wonders to explore. Every corner of this place is infused with history and significance, offering a truly immersive experience for travelers.

According to, Vietnam is renowned for its extensive collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

These websites showcase the nation’s abundant history, culture, and architecture. Hoi An Ancient Town, a prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site, serves as a remarkable exhibit of a well-maintained historical trading town. The captivating ambiance is intensified by the presence of vibrant lanterns adorning the narrow streets. Architectural marvels like ancient Chinese temples, Japanese bridges, and trading houses embody the city’s diverse and multicultural background.

 A corner of Hoi An Ancient Town. Photo: Nguoi Hoi An

The temple town of My Son Sanctuary is also a captivating tourist destination. These temples once served as the religious hub of the Champa Kingdom and are renowned for their remarkable architecture and sculptures, which showcase the profound Hindu influence prevalent in the region.

The Hue former Imperial Citadel is an extraordinary complex encompassing royal palaces, temples, walls, and gates. It served as the bustling heart of the Nguyen Kingdom. On the other hand, situated in the northern region of Vietnam, the Trang An Landscape Complex is a stunning fusion of limestone cliffs, scenic caves, meandering rivers, and picturesque rice fields. This captivating area not only showcases the wonders of nature but also houses various historical sites and revered temples.

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Vietnam is renowned for its extensive cultural heritage and historical significance, complemented by its awe-inspiring natural landscapes that enthrall tourists from across the globe. From exhilarating hiking trails to captivating caves and tranquil nature vistas, Vietnam presents an array of captivating adventures and experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your visit.

 The Ban Gioc Waterfall. Photo:

The Ban Gioc Waterfalls is an impressive natural wonder situated on the Vietnam-China border. Known as the largest waterfalls in Southeast Asia, its awe-inspiring beauty captivates visitors with the soothing sound of cascading water and picturesque surroundings. The breathtaking scenery features stunning green rice fields and majestic karst mountains, creating the perfect backdrop for stunning photography.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park boasts some of the world’s largest and most extraordinary caves, including the awe-inspiring Phong Nha and Son Doong caves.

Located in Lao Cai Province, the charming town of Sapa is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and is a highly sought-after destination for trekkers. Boasting breathtaking rice terraces and picturesque mountain villages, Sapa offers a unique and immersive experience. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or someone looking to reconnect with nature, Sapa is a must-visit destination that promises to leave a lasting impression.

Bach Ma National Park, located in central Vietnam, is a haven for individuals who appreciate nature and seek adventure. Its picturesque hiking trails and breathtaking waterfalls make it an ideal destination. Similarly, a visit to the charming city of Dalat in Lam Dong Province provides an opportunity to unwind while enjoying the natural beauty surrounding the notable waterfalls including Prenn, Cam Ly, and Datanla. These experiences offer visitors a chance to reconnect with nature and find tranquility.

Immerse yourself in a world of extraordinary culinary experiences and vibrant local markets. Indulge in a variety of delicious dishes, prepared by talented chefs using only the finest ingredients. Explore the bustling local markets, where you can find fresh produce, artisanal products, and unique souvenirs.

Banh mi– a Vietnamese delicacy. Photo: Banh My Huong Lan

Vietnamese cuisine is renowned globally and holds significant cultural value in Vietnam. Its diverse range of flavors and dishes has made it a sought-after destination for culinary enthusiasts.

Exploring the bustling street markets of Vietnam is an essential experience for any traveler visiting the country. Notable examples include Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi and Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City. These vibrant marketplaces offer a diverse selection of fresh food, spices, and iconic Vietnamese delicacies like pho and banh mi. Immerse yourself in the local culture and savor the flavors of Vietnam at these renowned street markets.

Pho is a renowned soup in Vietnam, characterized by its spicy broth, accompanied by rice noodles and aromatic fresh herbs. Additionally, Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that presents a delightful combination of grilled meat, vegetables, and fragrant herbs. This simple yet flavorful dish has gained much popularity. Furthermore, Vietnam boasts a range of other culinary delights, including spring rolls, egg coffee, and an abundance of fresh seafood options.