Tuyen Lam Honored as Outstanding Asia-Pacific Tourist Destination

Residents of the area are enjoying the tranquil setting the lake and its surroundings provide, with the fresh air creating an inviting and serene atmosphere.


The Tuyen Lam Lake National Tourism Area, located in the Lam Dong province of Vietnam’s Central Highlands, has garnered prestigious recognition from UNESCO. It has been labeled as a “prime tourism destination in the Asia-Pacific region,” making it the sole site in Asia to achieve such an esteemed distinction.

The news was announced by the Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations.

Tuyen Lam Lake

Picture of Tuyen Lam Lake taken under the sun.

The Tuyen Lam Lake National Tourism Area Management Board’s Director, Nguyen Quoc Tuyen, has announced that Tuyen Lam Lake has been recognized as an exemplary tourism destination in the Asia-Pacific region. This prestigious honor sets Tuyen Lam apart from numerous formidable competitors and establishes it as the sole representative from Vietnam and Asia in this category.

According to Tuyen, the organizing committee has deemed Tuyen Lam Lake National Tourism Area to meet all UNESCO criteria, effectively fostering sustainable economic development and promoting national cultural values.

He emphasized that the Tuyen Lam Lake National Tourism Area will serve as a key representative of the tourism sector in Lam Dong Province, actively promoting the local brand, image, and high-quality tourism services on a global scale.

The official ceremony honoring Tuyen Lam will take place on August 3rd in New Delhi as part of the “Vietnam-India Cultural and Economic Exchange Forum.”

The director announced that the application for the title was officially submitted to UNESCO in March. Since then, it has successfully progressed through three rigorous rounds of selection. The first two rounds consisted of thorough evaluations of all submitted applications, while the third round was conducted through online interviews.

A man gracefully rows his boat amidst the lush green trees that hang over the calm waters of Tia Stream in the scenic Tuyen Lam Lake located in the picturesque city of Da Lat. This captivating photo was captured by the talented photographer Bui Van Hai.

Tuyen Lam Lake, located six kilometers south of Da Lat City, a renowned tourist destination in Lam Dong, boasts a sprawling water surface of 350 hectares. The lake is fed by the pristine Tia Stream, enhancing its natural appeal.

According to legend, Tuyen Lam received its name due to its spectacular setting, which encompasses a neighboring stream and forest. In Chinese Vietnamese, the terms “tuyen” and “lam” signify the stream and forest, respectively. Tuyen Lam represents the harmonious convergence of water and trees in a serene location.

The lake and its environs offer a pristine ambiance and invigorating air. Visitors to this destination can indulge in an array of distinctive recreational activities including sightseeing, camping, trekking, fishing, and various sports, with a particular focus on eco-tourism. Observing Tuyen Lam from a higher perspective reveals its resemblance to a miniature ocean, its islands serving as continents, providing tourists with a profound sense of immensity between the heavens and the water’s surface.