Promising to Transform Nha Trang into a City of Cinema Tourism

Nha Trang could experience a tourism boost through the strategic use of film.


Khanh Hoa, a coastal province in Vietnam, offers a charming representation of the country’s unique blend of cultures, natural beauty, and historical architecture. Apart from its rich heritage, Khanh Hoa is known for hosting prestigious film festivals and international events, attracting renowned actors and directors from around the world. Earning recognition as a prominent tourist destination akin to Cannes in France, Busan in South Korea, and Hollywood in the USA, Khanh Hoa presents an unparalleled allure for travelers.

Do Le Hung Tu, Chairman of the Vietnam Film Association, recently expressed his perspective on the success of the 2023 Golden Kite Film Award. The prestigious event concluded earlier this month.

 The aerial view of Nha Trang City. Photo: Khanh Hoa Tourism Department

According to Ta Quang Dong, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the Golden Kite Film Award presents an excellent platform for collaboration among industry professionals and managers. This collaboration aims to develop innovative cultural initiatives that will transform Nha Trang City in Khanh Hoa into a thriving tourist destination for the film industry.

Dong mentioned that leveraging cinema as a means of promoting tourist destinations has been successfully employed by several countries, Vietnam being one of them. Among the notable examples, the movie “I See Yellow Flowers on Green Grass,” filmed in the picturesque province of Phu Yen, has significantly elevated its status as a popular tourist spot. Similarly, the film “Pao’s Story” has captured the awe-inspiring beauty of Ha Giang’s highlands, effectively positioning the region as a prominent attraction on the national tourist map.

Nha Trang City, a major center for politics, economy, and culture in Khanh Hoa Province, is committed to enhancing its urban tourism infrastructure by 2040 in order to attract global investors. Additionally, the tourism sector is striving to diversify its offerings and adopt sustainable practices in utilizing various tourism resources such as coastal areas, islands, peninsulas, and ecological spaces.

 Vinpearl Nha Trang has been an attractive location for many films.

The Nha Trang Municipality aims to transform the city into a prominent financial and commercial hub, both nationally and in Southeast Asia.

Nha Trang boasts an exceptional tropical ecosystem featuring stunning coral reefs and a rich variety of rare marine species. Moreover, the city is adorned with remarkable historical and cultural relics, some of which have been preserved for centuries. Among these treasures are the iconic Ponagar Tower dating back to the mid-8th century, and the historic Nha Trang Stone Church, which has stood for over 80 years.

Khanh Hoa has formed partnerships with numerous travel agencies and businesses across the country to cultivate exceptional tourism offerings. The local government is keen on expanding its tourism markets, particularly among international visitors. Information technology plays a pivotal role in the management and administration of the tourism sector in Khanh Hoa.

Tapping into the innate aesthetic value, Nha Trang has the opportunity to enhance its tourism sector by utilizing the powerful medium of cinema.

Khanh Hoa’s Vice Chairman, Le Huu Hoang, envisions leveraging cinema as a tool to make a lasting impression on tourists and inspire them to further explore the region in the future.

Cinema holds significant value in showcasing Vietnam’s rich culture and its people due to its unparalleled ability to elicit intense emotions and create lasting impressions for its viewers.

Nha Trang is a destination that captivates with its stunning natural beauty, featuring a harmonious blend of sky, sea, and sand. Its rich history and cultural heritage are evident in the diverse range of urban architectural styles that have emerged throughout various periods and regions. Furthermore, the people of Nha Trang have made lasting contributions to the Vietnamese film industry, becoming an integral part of its vibrant cinematic landscape,” noted Hoang.

Nha Trang, renowned for its scenic beauty, has consistently attracted filmmakers from around the globe. Nha Trang beach, considered one of the world’s finest destinations, has been the backdrop for numerous awe-inspiring films that have resonated with audiences across generations since the 1980s and 1990s.

According to Meritorious Artist Nguyen Thi Thu Ha of the Vietnam Cinematography Association, it is important for local authorities to take proactive measures in supporting the film industry. This can be done by placing orders with directors, implementing preferential policies for film crews, and facilitating connections between travel companies and filmmakers in order to develop creative ideas and select suitable filming locations.

 Do Theater in the shape of bamboo fishing gear is a highlighted architecture in Nha Trang.

Khanh Hoa is known for its stunning coastline and array of islands, making it the perfect location for films with sea and island themes. Recognizing this potential, there is a proposal to establish an award specifically for films centered around these themes in Khanh Hoa. The aim is to attract both professional and non-professional filmmakers, resulting in a surge of film crews coming to the city and effectively promoting it on a larger scale. Ha, the advocate for this idea, believes that the award would be a significant step towards further showcasing the beauty and allure of Khanh Hoa.

Recently, Nha Trang was the proud host of the prestigious 2023 Golden Kite Film Award, under the captivating theme “Brilliant Galaxy”.

The Golden Kite Film Award, with a two-decade legacy, has consistently celebrated excellence in the film industry. Every year, exceptional cinematic works and talented individuals are acknowledged and honored. However, this year, the recognition reached an unprecedented level as the names of filmmakers and artists were immortalized on the prestigious Wall of Fame. The Do Theatre, an architectural marvel shaped like bamboo fishing gear, serves as a testament to their remarkable contributions to the art form.

The Wall of Fame proudly showcases a grand total of 433 stars, symbolizing 107 remarkable works and 297 exceptional individuals. These outstanding individuals hail from diverse fields such as writing, art, film, and cinematography, with a notable presence of 29 esteemed cinematographers.

The Wall of Fame serves as more than just a tribute to artists’ contributions. It is a significant historical landmark that signifies a pivotal milestone in the growth of Vietnamese cinema.