Leonardo DiCaprio calls for protection of Halong Bay’s sister in Vietnam

The Hanoitimes - Lan Ha bay looks like a paradise and needs to be protected from unsustainable tourist activities.


Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has praised the natural beauty of Lan Ha Bay’s fishing village and called for protecting the bay from tourism impacts.

 Leonardo DiCaprio praises the natural beauty of Lan Ha Bay’s fishing village on his Instagram.

On his Instagram, the 46-year-old actor wrote: “This traditional fishing village in Lan Ha Bay, floats atop emerald waters among lush limestone karst formations. Villagers depend on the sea for survival and make a living from fishing, aquaculture, and tourism.”

It looks like paradise, according to DiCaprio, but their unique way of life is threatened by wastewater, plastic pollution, unsustainable tourist activities, and climate change. 

He called on those who visit to the bay to take care of it by reducing their environmental impact while visiting so that Lan Ha Bay would remain a beautiful place to live and visit.  

After three days of posting, the 58-second-long video reached over 1.1 million views and 244,000 likes as of June 2. Responses from the famous actor’s followers have also been prolific. 

Nickname misscoeur72 commented that the bay is such a gorgeous place and people need to preserve and do what they can to respect it.

 Lan Ha Bay’s view from Cat Ba Island. Photo: Halongwonders

Nickname leahdoniano listed Vietnam on his travel list while ann.babe thanked the actor for promoting the site and said she will visit the beautiful Vietnam one day.

“Thank you Leo, Vietnam has also Halong Bay the UNESCO nature wonder, Son Doong cave the world largest cave, Taxua the cloud hunting place, Ma Pi Leng, and Ha Giang with ethnic groups and many of them can be threaten by inappropriate activities”, leonardo.dwild wrote on his comment. 

He added that the world needs more amazing people like DiCaprio to stand for the environment and that Vietnam is a place of good price and promises very nice exploration.

User sirahvettese, who visited to Lan Ha Bay two years ago, commented that the place is stunningly beautiful. “Yes, it must be protected from human waste! Thank you for this reminder of the many things we need to do to protect our Mother,” she wrote.

In 2018, the New-York-based travel site Thrillist listed Lan Ha Bay among the lesser-known places to visit in Southeast Asia before “travel fever undermines their raw beauty.”

 Floating village on Lan Ha Bay. Photo: Halongwonders.

Located in the south of Halong Bay and the east of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay consists of more than 400 spectacular islands in various size and interesting shapes among a total area of 7,000ha.