Integrate “Medical Declaration” on “Safe Travel in Vietnam” application

The integration may help international visitors to make medical declaration at ease with only one access.


The smartphone application called “Du lich Vietnam an toan” or “Safe Travel in Vietnam” for international tourists has been integrated with the “Medical Declaration” feature since August 29.

Foreign visitors to Temple of Literature. Photo: Le Nam

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, when international visitors access the “Safe Travel in Vietnam” application, they will notice the “Medical Declaration” feature displayed right on their smartphone screen.

The medical declaration is mandatory for all foreigners entering Vietnam. The “Safe Travel in Vietnam” application that updates information about Vietnam tourism and makes medical declarations will save time for travelers. The users will not have to install too many applications on their devices or queue up for making medical declarations at the airport.

The application of “Du lich Vienam an toan” or “Safe Travel in Vietnam” is available for download in both Vietnamese and English at smartphone application storage. It was launched in October last year to help travelers search for information on safe destinations and interact with tourism services or providers in the context that the Covid-19 pandemic has widely spread in Vietnam.

The “Safe Travel in Vietnam” for international tourists has been integrated with the “Medical Declaration” feature. Photo:

It is designed to make it easier for visitors to check information related to safe destinations, including a digital map containing information on restaurants, hotels, apartments, entertainment places, transport providers, hospitals, and pharmacies.
Visitors can also look up information about the current Covid-19 situation as well as details about infection cases and the number of recovered patients there.
Tourists are free to send their feedback and comments on the service quality of the sites they visited as to whether places meet the safety standards as advertised in the app.

According to General Statistics Office, the number of international visitors to Vietnam in August was estimated at 9,3000, up 24.4% over the previous month and down 43% over the same period last year.

The sharp decrease was due to the strict measures implemented for  Covid-19 pandemic control and prevention. Foreigners with tourism purposes are not allowed to visit the country. Meanwhile, the recent arrivals to Vietnam are mainly repatriated Vietnamese, diplomats, foreign experts and high-quality workers.