Halong Bay Travel Guide

  • Ha Long Bay Boat Cruise

    Ha Long Bay is an impressive geographical formation in northern Vietnam, featuring over 1,900 islets that are filled Read More»

  • Ha Long Bay Attractions

    This unique UNESCO World Heritage Site is a popular place for tourists but it is good to know that large parts of Ha Read More»

  • Ha Long Bay Restaurants

    Halong Bay is rich in seafood and offers tons of fish, shrimps and oysters. The catch served in most restaurants usually Read More»

  • Ha Long Bay Nightlife

    It can be romantic to just enjoy the evening by spending time at any of the waterfront venues. The choice of nightlife Read More»

  • Ha Long Bay Shopping

    Though there are limited options for shopping in Halong Bay, what is actually available can be very interesting. Try the Read More»

  • Ha Long Bay Activities

    Halong Bay is a paradise for photographers as each of its rock formations is unique to itself. Tour companies always Read More»

Where to Stay in Halong Bay

  • All Hotels in Ha Long Bay

    Recent years have seen many new hotels opening along the coast and on some islands, particularly Cat Ba Island, the Read More»

  • Accommodation Cruises in Ha Long Bay

    Explore Ha Long Bay’s numerous limestone islands and grottoes by spending a night or two with our accommodation cruises Read More»

  • See the Hotels People Like Best in Ha Long Bay

    How to find the right hotel for you in Ha Long Bay is now easy: See which hotels have the highest satisfaction rating Read More»

  • Ha Long Bay Daytrips & Excursions

    Ha Long Bay daytrips and excursions let you cruise along through the incredible scenery of the bay, visit grottoes, and Read More»

  • Ha Long Bay Multi-day & Extended Tours

    Ha Long Bay multiday and extended tours are ideal options for when you have ample time to experience the bay’s numerous Read More»

  • Ha Long Bay Seaplane Tours

    Our guide of Ha Long Bay seaplane tours lets you discover the spectacular seascape and secluded corners of this Read More»

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